Unit 1 Stand up for your health說課稿-安徽山香教育

Unit 1 Stand up for your health說課稿


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Good morning, my dear judges. I'm the No.3 candidate. It’s my great honor to have this opportunity to share my teaching design with you. The lesson I’m going to talk about is “Stand up for your health” This is a reading class.

Firstly, let’s come to the analysis of teaching material. The topic of this lesson is about “comedy”. This lesson is from the reading part , Unit 1 of senior high school English. After learning this passage, students will know about the stand-up and laugh can help you keep healthy. Also, students can use the target language and useful phrases properly. Meanwhile, encourage students to use the scanning, skimming and mind map strategies, which can help them have a better understanding of this text and form a good habit of reading.

Secondly, students are the subject of our class. As for the students of Grade two, they have known quite a few knowledge of the grammar structure of passive voice sentences. And they learnt to use the passive voice in past tense in the last lesson. What’s more, the topic “comedy” is close to students’ daily life. They will be very interested in this topic and willing to get some information about comedy in this reading material. So, it may not be so difficult for them to understand the content of this passage and express their feelings about the inventions in this lesson.

By analyzing the New Curriculum Standard in English, teaching material and the students in my class, I set the following three teaching objectives.

The first one is knowledge aims:

(1)Students grasp the main topics of the three sections---types of stand-up, a famous comedian and the fact that laughter is good for your health.

(2)Students can learn some useful new words and expressions in this part.The second one is ability aims:

Students will improve their reading skills and how to use different reading strategies to read different reading materials.

The third one is emotional aims:

Develop students’ sense of group cooperation and team work.

Stimulate students’ interests in learning English.

According to the analysis above, I set the key points and difficult points as the followings.

Teaching key points:

(1)State the main idea of each paragraph in own words.

(2)Know something about Billy Crystal.

Teaching difficult points:

(1) To practice laughter is the best medicine in our daily life.

Now, I would like to talk about the teaching methods and studying methods. As to the teaching methods, Communicative Approach and Task-based Teaching Method will be adopted in this lesson. Based on the learning condition of my students, I arranged some activities to make the reading process more attracted. For example, I will ask students to make competition in groups, which can help them form a good sense of cooperation.

Then I’d like to talk about the teaching aids. Multi-medium will be used in this class.

Now, let’s come to the most important part of this lesson: the analysis of the teaching procedures. There are 5 stages in my design, there are lead-in, pre-reading, while-reading, post-reading and summary & homework.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Lead-in

After greeting Ss, I will show some pictures of Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean, and some comedians on the screen, then ask them some questions: Seeing these pictures, you can’t help laughing. Why ? What can make people laugh? What are the health benefits of humor and laughter? I ask these questions step by step. In this way, students’ learning interest will be aroused. And this free talk can make a good preparation for further reading.

Step 2: Pre-reading

Then, I will work with students to learn some new words. In this way, I will present some new words (stand-up, comedy, comedian…) for the better understanding of the text. After that, I will ask them to predict the main idea of this passage according to the topic we talked about in Lead-in part and the title of the text. It can help them to use predicting skill properly.

Step 3: While-reading

At this stage, I will arrange 3 activities. Activity 1: ask students to read the passage quickly to find out the main idea of each paragraph, and then check their answers. Activity 2: divide students into several groups, each group includes three students, and then asks Ss to scan the passage again and answer these questions on the screen. One group answers, other groups complete the answer. I will write down the key words on the blackboard. Activity 3: ask Ss to read this text carefully and then1. Read the part of “Types of stand-up”. Ask the Ss to find out the different types of stand-up and explain them.2. Read the part of “A famous comedian”

(1) Ask the Ss to read the first few lines and answer the question “Who is mentioned here as a famous comedian?”—Billy Crystal

(2) Ask the Ss to read this part carefully and try to complete the file for Billy Crystal. When talking about Billy’s idols, give the Ss some information about Bob Hope and George Burns.

(3) Ask the Ss to discuss in groups of 4: “What special qualities should a comedian have?”

(The teacher can give some answers after the discussion, but don’t limit the students’ answers.)

3. Read the part of “Laughter is good for your health”. Ask the Ss two questions:

(1) What does your brain do when you laugh?

--When you laugh, your brain sends chemicals around your body that are good for you.

(2)What is the English idiom about laughter mentioned in the text?

--“Laughter is the best medicine”

All this activities are mainly used to help them have a better understanding on this text and cultivate their awareness of using reading strategies, like scanning, skimming, predicting and mind map.

Step 4: Post-reading

At the post-reading stage, Retell the passage according to these words on the screen.

Listen to the tape and try their best to imitate the pronunciation. Divide the Ss into several groups and ask them to make a conversation which includes the main ideas in this class:How to keep healthy. They can express their feelings about this topic freely. Also, they have more opportunities to use the passive voice in past tense.

Step 5 Summary and Homework

At the end of the class, I’d like to make a summary about this lesson and present my homework to consolidate what the students have learned in this period. Ask students to search for more information about the topic, such as videos, stories, books and so on. Let them share what they have collected in the next class.

That’s all for the teaching procedures. And these are the blackboard notes. It’s mainly about questions and activity. I write them on the blackboard to remind students to use them as much as possible in group work throughout the lesson. And show them the key points of this lesson.

That’s all for my teaching design. Thank you for your listening.